Need to export data from your application to MS Excel … but the CSV format just causes too many headaches?

The Use Case

In almost every Oracle database application the business users will want to export the data from your application to MS Excel in order to further process it or flexibly support their business processes or collaborate with their colleagues.

The typical approach is to export the data in CSV format.

Unfortunately, the CSV-format does not know about data types and when opening a CSV file directly with MS Excel the data will be converted automatically by MS Excel and the data types will guessed thus causing all kinds of problems.


Being a professional Oracle and specifically APEX developer for the last 15 years, Dietmar Aust has solved these problems numerous times.

Understanding the needs of the database developer, he has created a very flexible yet easy to use solution to get you started in a matter of hours with your first project.

Dietmar is an Oracle ACE.

Oracle ACE

What is it?

OPAL:XP is a toolkit for the Oracle database developer to publish data from the Oracle database to MS Excel workbooks directly and on the fly.

It uses a templating approach to publish the data from SQL queries to a MS Excel workbook by using a simple placeholder syntax like ${query.column} directly in your MS Excel workbook … and the data gets replaced on the fly automatically.

It provides a PL/SQL API to simplify the process. Using the included wizards (implemented with Oracle APEX) it can even be done declaratively with little or no programming required in a matter of hours.