Here you will find all the free software provided by Opal-Consulting to the Oracle APEX community. 

JasperReportsIntegration kit

In particular, the first released software will be about the integration of Oracle APEX and Jasper Reports.

You can find more information about the integration kit with Jasper Reports here. The current version is

Oracle DDL Extraction Scripts

I have contributed a chapter on lifecycle and configuration management for an APEX application (Chapter 9: Lifecycle Management) in the book Expert Oracle Application Express.

In there I explain concepts and strategies for the lifecycle management of an APEX application. Since PL/SQL and SQL make up a large part of most APEX applications, I have created scripts based on DBMS_METADATA to extract all DDL from a development schema automatically into the filesystem.

You can find the scripts and the documentation here.

Expert Oracle Application Express

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JasperReportsIntegration available - now supporting JasperReports 4.6.0    
So, 08 Jul 2012 20:54:08

I have added support for JasperReports 4.6.0, the libraries are exchanged. The Integration has not changed, thus you can simply exchange the libraries. The required steps are outlined in the FAQ. 


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