Installation requirements

These scripts have been used successfully on Oracle 9.2.x and 10.2.x. The only true requirement is the availablity of the Oracle supplied standard package DBMS_METADATA.

The scripts are based on Apache Ant (version 1.7.1), but possibly don't require this version. I haven't tested with earlier versions. If you want to run them with earlier versions, you could give it a try.

Installation instructions

The database objects required for the extraction will be installed into each application schema you want to extract the sources from.

The installation instructions will refer to the application schema as [application schema]. The password for the application schema will be referred to as [application schema password].

Thus when I use an instruction like sqlplus [application schema]/[application schema password]@[database] please replace that with the actual values of your local installation. For example, if you want to install the database objects into the schema HR with the password hr1 into your local XE instance (having a TNS entry named xe) then this instruction translates to:

sqlplus hr/hr1@xe

Database installation (SYS) - optional

In order to extract information about the schema, tablespaces, etc. you will have to grant the role SELECT_CATALOG_ROLE to the schema as well. Run the following statement as a DBA (e.g. SYS or SYSTEM): grant select_catalog_role to [application schema];

  1. Open a command shell:
    • e.g. on Windows: Start > Execute : cmd
  2. Connect as SYS to the local instance (using sqlplus)
    • sqlplus "sys/[sys password]@[database] as sysdba"
  3. Grant the role SELECT_CATALOG_ROLE to the application schema:
    • grant select_catalog_role to [application schema];

Database installation (Application Schema) - required

  1. Extract the downloaded zip file
  2. Open a command shell:
    • e.g. on Windows: Start > Execute : cmd
  3. Go to the subdirectory sql (of where you extracted the file):
    • cd sql
  4. Connect as the application schema to the local instance (using sqlplus)
    • sqlplus [application schema]/[application schema password]@[database]
  5. Run the installation script
    • @user_install.sql

Installation of Apache Ant - required

  1. Download Apache Ant from here: .
  2. Follow the instructions to install and configure apache ant:
  3. Test the installation:
    1. Open a command shell: 
      • e.g. on Windows: Start > Execute : cmd
    2. Go to the subdirectory sql (of where you extracted the file): 
      • cd sql
    3. Display the version of ant:
      • ant -version
    4. Display all availble targets in the build.xml file for the ddl extraction:
      • ant -p